Use Fibreglass Walkways for Safe Access

Fibreglass walkways are an important safety feature to have in every factory, plant or facility. Applicable in a wide range of industries, these products are perfect for maintaining a safe and secure work environment for all. A durable, stable and strong material that perfectly forms grids for walkways, these not only ensure perfect drainage in cases of spills or mishaps, but also increase grip and stability when high off the ground. Made from high quality fibreglass, chemical resistant vinyl ester or isophalic resins, panels can be made in a range or specifications, to perfectly fit your walkway.

Not just good to look at, available in a range of colours to demarcate areas of work, there are also tonnes of advantages to installing these types of grated walkway systems. Not just resistant to chemicals, this material also boasts anti-fire, anti-aging, anti-corrosion and anti-slip properties, making them the durable, affordable option for grated flooring in any case or factory setting. With a light weight but high load strength, these panels make for durable, long-lasting walkways that needed minimal maintenance over the years.

Fibreglass walkways allow your workers to work above ground with minimal chance of mishap. With maximised grip and railing to keep them safe, this flooring option can keep you safe no matter the situation or materials you are working with. As a non-conductive or magnetic material it will also minimise risks when working with electrical systems. As your workers are the most important part of your business, we give you the items you need to best ensure safety across your facility.

Not just a product offering for walkways, both steel and fibreglass grids can also be used for anti-slip floor, stair tread, foot bridges, operation platforms, trench covers, security and safety fence, hand railing, ramp ladder, scaffolding, decorative grid, or a fountain floor with non-slip properties. As a professional supplier to South Africa, Fibreglass Grating CC hold a host of products for use in your high risk environment.

From fibreglass walkways to drain covers, these grip covered, stable flooring options aim to allow you to work hard with as little hindrance as possible. Protecting you and your staff from spills, leaks, and general mishaps, these work well whether on the floor or up on a walkway, they take the load to ensure your safety at all times.

Be sure to protect your staff today, install the best possible protection to keep them guarded and working hard. The perfect factory or plant flooring solution in South Africa. Call Fibreglass Grating CC today. 


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