FRP safety ladders

Our FRP Safety Ladders are made up according to your requirements.

Wooden ladders are not conductive to electricity, but they can rot when exposed to moist conditions over time.

Fibreglass ladders offer the best choice for both for long life and safety from electrical conductivity.

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRPLadder Systems are safe, slip-resistant, OSHA compliant, corrosion-resistant, low maintenance, and easy to install.

  • Meets OSHA and International Building Code Requirements
  • Fire Retardant
  • Non-Conductive
  • Slip Resistant
  • Fully Fabricated in Kit Form

The innovative FRP safety ladder and cage systems are available in compact kits for easy, on-site installation.

The FRP safety cage has pre-drilled hoops for fast and easy attachment to the ladder and vertical safety tubes so it is ready for assembly at the installation site.

Ladders can be ordered with or without safety cage kits.

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