Stair Treads

Stair Treads

Our steel stair treads for steps and staircases are handy items to have in most working environments. Whether it be a factory or facility. We have a wide range of fantastic items. Available in uncoated, galvanised, black bitumen dipped, mild steel or stainless steel. We cater to a range of needs, scenarios and requirements across South Africa. Available in smooth & serrated, standard with non-slip nosing. With a grate design and created for grip and safety. This is an ideal solution for gangways, walkways or factory floors where underfloor draining is a necessity.

As a durable, reliable solution to creating a safe working environment. These premium products are available in a selection of sizes and styles to suit a range of specific needs. With resistance to wear and tear, reducing corrosion and cutting costs over time. This high-quality product offering is the preferred choice of flooring, especially when dealing with potential chemical or oil spills. With superb draining and complete safety, these can be seen in facilities across the country. From chemical factories to wineries, mines and manufacturers and assembly plants.

Stair Treads

Stair treads are attached to ensure maximum grip when climbing or descending. Ideal for keeping staff safe and secure around the work environment. With safety in mind, these hardy, durable items let you rest easy.

Knowing that your site is fully equipped with the needed safety features. Preventing slipping and sliding, the design of these treads allow for complete drainage and maximum grip at all times.

Whether dealing with spills, dangerous materials or just a work heavy, industrial environment. These products come in handy time and time again. Stair treads from Fibreglass Grating offer you safety at all times, up or down.

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