Fibreglass Grating

Fibreglass grating is a durable industrial flooring solution, commonly used in factories, plants and a range of other industries across South Africa. A high grade, chemical resistant flooring option made from vinyl ester or Polyester Isophthalic, this is ideal for situations and environments where spills, slips and mishaps must be minimised for work to flow smoothly.

With a stunning design that allows for a large amount of stress, wear and tear, as well as ultimate drainage when needed, the one piece construction method allows for excellent resistance to weathering over time. With a cross patched patterns design, this product also boasts bi-directional strength, creating the perfect product to be used on walk ways and for raised flooring with need for drainage.

As a professional brand offering within the industrial industry, Fibreglass Grating CC is a premium brand that supplies high quality products and services to the market. With a range of grating available, we not only cater to fibreglass, but steel as well. We have a number of different moulds available for our fibreglass system, allowing for a variation of panel sizes and thicknesses. 

High grade chemical resistant vinyl ester or Polyester Isophthalic. The following colours/resin systems are available:

Polyester Isophthalic = Light Grey/Dark Grey/Green

Vinyl Ester = Orange/Red

With an anti-slip (gritted top) or smooth surface. Stair treads are available on request.


Sizes of Fibreglass Grating:



Fibreglass Fixing Clips

FX1 + FX2

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