Steel Grating

Steel Grating

Steel Grating is another option as a structural component of a build. This is common in commercial and industrial environments. It’s a solution specifically designed for high impact and high load applications.  This refers to scenarios such as walkways, stairs, platforms and mezzanines.

Our Steel Grating is available in uncoated, bitumen dipped, galvanised finishes. Standard panels (1200 x 2400) are available in all finishes. Special tailored and banded requirements are offered for any flooring application. The span of the Grating is dependent on your desired load. Our standard grating panels are available in a smooth or serrated surface.

Steel is the most common choice of material to use in the building and construction industries. Reason being it is strong, durable and versatile, and therefore reliable. It is an ever-present solution no matter where you look and it’s a neat and clean system too.

Therefore, it is a safe, long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing alternative to fibreglass Grating, and if weight and durability isn’t a concern it is a solution that will work well for you.

Reasons to use Steel Grating as follows:

Steel platforms – for use in commercial spaces creating another level if need be. For viewing or extra storage space.

Drainage – considering the nature of this product it easily allows for the flow of water and other small elements while still allowing one to stand upon it.

Mezzanines – creating more space. Steel grating is the best and most affordable solution when doing so.

Stairs – Using steel grating for stairs or stair treads is a common practice. They are strong, durable, non-slip, and need little maintenance. Can handle extreme amounts of foot traffic as well as weight and can be the perfect solution.

Steel walkways – if you have an outdoor or indoor walkway in an industrial space, this is the best solution for you.


  • Mining
  • Engineering
  • Municipal
  • Architecture
  • Many more


  • Safety Aspects
  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Sustainability
  • Many more


  • Walkways/floor coverings/anti-slip surfaces
  • Stair treads and landings/platforms
  • Trench covers
  • Ventilation grills/building exteriors
  • Balconies/banisters/screens/dividers
  • Virtually limitless possibilities
Smooth Steel Grating
Smooth Steel Grating
Serrated Steel Grating
Serrated Steel Grating
Non-Slip Steel Grating
Non Slip Steel Grating

The design of steel grating, square edge, flat bars have vital non-slip properties, which makes working on them and with them a safer working environment for employees and other personnel using the grating.


The strength of steel is unmatched to other products of a similar nature. With a very high tensile strength. It’s a completely durable alloy, consisting of very strong materials, discouraging dislocation at atomic levels.


Steel grating won’t rot. Isn’t flammable, isn’t partial to insect damage. If you need grating for your industrial areas or outdoor areas, it can handle anything, from wind, rain, sunshine, chemicals, and more. It’s completely durable.


Steel is one of the most recycled products in the world. Over 90% of discarded steel is recycled, melted, refabricated and used again without losing any of its structural integrity. This makes steel one of the most sustainable products ever.

Steel Grating Loading Tables

The span load of the Grating is dependent on your desired load.
Load: ULD = Uniformly Distributed Load (KM/M2)
Load: C = Maximum concentrated/centre line load (KG/M)
If separated: Reduce loads by 10% and a maximum span per load by +- 3.5%
Galvanising increases mass by +-9% per M2
All figures in table to be taken as approximate values.

Steel Grating Loading Tables
Steel Grating Terms

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Steel Grating Fasteners

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